With the shift to some employees working remotely many companies may no longer provide a dedicated workspace for each employee.

Hybrid working is creating a different demand on the office space and the new office needs areas for creative and productive collaboration instead of just individual workstations.

Desk sharing offers a flexible way to provide employees in a hybrid workspace with a place for focused work.

Advantages & Disadvantages

For the company, desk sharing offers cost-saving on workstations and the space needed. This extra space is often used for more collaboration and different furniture such as casual seating, acoustic cubicles, low and high tables are used in conjunction with your typical office desk.

Desk sharing involves all levels in a company, reducing hierarchical structures and encouraging communication and interaction between various employees and divisions. The open-plan office encourages communication and interaction between the age groups and working from home has had a negative impact on the sharing of knowledge.

This collaborative desk sharing environment is a sign of a modern corporate culture and can attract talent to the business – it is a great place to work, however, employees may feel less at home and their loyalty to the company may suffer as they don’t have their own desk and do not feel valued.

The search for a free workstation and the need to set up that workstation to suit the way individuals work – the chair may be uncomfortable and too difficult to adjust, the laptop connection and monitor is tedious to connect to, access to a wireless network, no storage space for private stuff etc.

The Rules of the Game

Clean desk policy – clean up when leaving a shared workstation.

A quality, ergonomic chair that automatically adjusts for users of varying weights. Adjustable seat depth to accommodate taller and shorter users, height adjustable arms, a membrane backrest with lumbar support, a monitor and monitor arm to suit various users who will now share the workstation.

Consider a height-adjustable desk – offering the user alternate working positions – sitting and standing. These height-adjustable workstations are often used in shared breakaway spaces and not necessarily for each employee.

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