By all indications the future of work is hybrid. More people than ever before are working remotely. But not everyone prefers the work from home environment. The result is a hybrid workplace, one that combines remote work and work in a traditional office space. The goal of the hybrid workplace is to support every work style and every employee.

Advantages of remote working

  • Change to commuting patterns, traffic and time spent to and from the office
  • Focused individual work improved – less disruption
  • Restore or enhance work life balance
  • Increased family time
  • Employee’s sense of freedom – can control their work/home schedule, improving job satisfaction
  • Reduces staff turnover
  • Attract talent

Disadvantages of remote working

  • Communication & Collaboration may suffer -teams become siloed and communicate less, less face-to-face interaction and chance meetings
  • Employees spend more time on email, what’s app and therefore less information shared
  • Less collaboration and learning between new and younger employees (Generation Y & Z) and Baby Boomers– it’s a vital part of an office space – the ability for all to learn new skills
  • Culture, creativity and innovation may suffer,
  • Employees lose the social interaction of offices and may feel lonely, isolated, and out of touch
  • Digital overload Zoom/Team meetings, webinars at all hours
  • Ability to work remotely is an issue in South Africa – access to a decent internet connection, space, and place to work, disruption, cost of IT
  • Difficult to manage remote teams

The Solution – The Hybrid Office

The opportunity is for companies to create a workplace (Hybrid Office) where everyone can thrive and importantly encourage employees to come back to the office a few days a week.

  • A well designed and improved office space offering employees a choice of where to work within the office – desk, quiet zone, pause area, collaboration space or meeting room, in the garden or on the patio. The office is no longer the corner office, open plan space and meeting rooms.
  • A beautifully designed and welcoming space – softer less corporate design and more like home – resimercial design
  • Create a safer healthy office
  • Social and planned interactions within the office
  • State of the art digital infrastructure – phones, tele & video conferencing
  • Pause area with great coffee, healthy meals, and snacks

The Product

The Adaptive range offers a comprehensive office furnishing solution utilising simple, interchangeable components with a variety of leg shapes – A, U, O and V. Adaptive fits comfortably into the requirements of the hybrid office and is perfect for both team and individual workspaces. The range is easy to assemble and has a simple, yet effective cable management solution. This flexible range is complemented by a selection of storage units and privacy screening. High tables designed for quick meetings complement the range of standard height meeting tables and together enhance teamwork, communication, and creative thinking.


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