One of the key challenges of the workspace conceiving today is the fact that a relevant portion of people no longer work at designated workstations. Informal meeting spaces are expected to be the office area’s most in demand in the next two years.

Balancing open spaces with privacy areas has remained a focal issue when planning an office environment. Room-in-room and phone booths have become more of the norm, especially in large projects in Scandinavia, DACH and Western Europe, while this product is less used in the Southern region. With the increase of the open plan, collaborative workspaces came a lack of privacy. Perhaps recently more than ever, the ability to block off, shield, and create some privacy has become more important.

Improving acoustics in the office environment was another major task for employers. As a consequence, acoustic products have continued to flood the offices. Partitioning products, the “easy” and flexible solution, has been in high demand for a while now.

Another trend we have seen over the years is a move towards the more ergonomic swivel chair and the more advanced solution in terms of mechanisms and materials.

In line with this, the incidence of sit-stand desks on the total desks sold continues to expand among dealers as employees and employers search for comfort, productivity and longevity in the workplace.

We have seen a transformation in storage within office spaces. With less and less need for physical storage, the trend of simple elegance has increased. Seeing the move to the home office has been made easier for some, without the need for copious files and storage boxes.

Even though the world has been forced to change in the year 2020, the desire for collaboration and mobility within the office space is still strong. Many people have enjoyed their time at home with their families, but they still crave the camaraderie of colleagues, the ability to bounce ideas and share strategies within a social space.

At Offix we have created a range of screens which allow for a social distanced office, safe and yet collaborative!

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